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November 20, 2009
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Dreams of Eternal Harmony by StriderDen Dreams of Eternal Harmony by StriderDen
What do I dream ?
I dream of being part of everything, and being in eternal peace and harmony with the whole Universe...

As my spirit rises
To infinity skies
I am the distant stars
I am the abyss of darkness
I am every drop of the sea
I am every growing tree
I am on every breath and every dream
I am on the God and on the Worm
Separation is only an Illusion.
I am all, and All is me.

Thanks for enjoying, and please favourite me! Publicity's always good to the business!!

Note: That's all bullshit. I dream of being the Hairy version of Dr. Manhattan :)

Note-2: I know it looks way too fantastic for "challenges you to show us your dreams and aspirations for the future." But you'd have to live my life to know how real it is to me.
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The details, especially the cosmos, are impressive. Despite the vast amount of stars, nothing looks cluttered. Everything is fluid and believable, like a picture from the Hubbell Telescope. The Great Rift (the dark band, haloed in purple, that cuts through the center of the picture) the planets, and the shining group of asteroids nicely portray the boundless depths of space, showing that it is filled, not only with stars, but with many wondrous things.

The colors are well chosen, too. The cool, darker colors above evoke a feeling of spirituality, while the warm colors below convey a sense of the material. Heaven and earth, mortal and immortal, and man is the link between both. I really like the arcane circles in the sky. It guides the eye upwards into infinity, representing the idea that the soul is ascending to higher planes.

As far as I can see, only a few things need improvement. The anatomy of the man's ear is a little off. It seems shriveled and too angular, and his navel is a bit large. Also, the musculature of his soul comes across as being unrealistically buff. Perhaps it's just me, but it seems as though he has too many muscles, especially on his sides.

Other than that, this is a breathtaking picture. It must have taken a very long time. Everything — the art, the message — is magnificent. Do keep up the good work!
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dastox Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Nice concept and technique!
Very vibrant!
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Love the beauty and peace of this picture.
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No prob! =D
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its so beautiful!! :wow:
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