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Thoughts about Skype use - X - 2015

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 6:23 AM

Thoughts about Skype use:

Lately, several customers started to ask me about using Skype, and I feel it is unavoidable to talk a bit about it.
I tried to use it for personal some time ago, and tried to use for work once or twice.

For personal use, I see no problems, it can replace the phone if you spend the whole day working in front of the computer (as I do). It's a fairly good tool, and has a fairly good use as Instant Messenger too.

But when it comes to use skype as a working tool, I started to see some disadvantages. They are not many, but are enough to worsen the working performance.

First, is the lack of registers.
When using the phone,is not possible to have the ideas recorded.
One irritating problem to be faced on any customer-worker relationship, is the "But I told you" debate. The person starts to ask for things that weren't mentioned before, but as nobody remembers the whole conversation, the discussion can go forever.

"Well, but skype has an IM as well!" - Someone will say.
Although there is a recording, the ideas still come out on a very disorganized, truncated manner.
It is very easy to compare: Have you ever tried to read a chat between two people? It is VERY not-linear, and the worst: Full of "on a second thought, I think doing this will be better".

Very fast to put it out, but very slow to decodify later on.

Through notes or email, not only every detail will come on an organized, solid list, everything will be recorded. If something goes wrong, it is easy to point if it was not mentioned, or if I forgot to do it.

The second reason, is basically to avoid "ongoing" processes. This shouldn't look like a bad thing, but it is! Usually, when a person start a dialogue, he/she has an ethereal concept on the mind, very vague, but when they try to verbalize it for the first time, a real-time attempt to solidify the concept goes on.
The person doesn't know what he/she wants. They're trying to figure it out AS THEY SPEAK! When it happens, it is very easy to slip out of the boundaries of what was agreed, and start to stuff on new things.

In normal situation, an informal Skype chat wouldn't be a problem.
But in a bad month, I'll have at least seven commissions to deliver. Believe me, it would be VERY hard to keep track of every detail of seven+ conversations...
So, having everything written helps me a lot! That's why we invented writing, right?

Do you think those are fair reasons?
Are there advantageous points that you think I'm failing to see here?

Thanks folks!
I really enjoy our little conversations!

Commission Info:

Hello, people!

My name is Rodrigo, and as you can see, my Job is to materialize your ideas through visual Artworks.
If I didn't have to eat and pay bills, I'd gladly contribute to some cool projects for free, but as it's not the case yet, I have to charge for those.

Also, due to some content incompatibilies, I have a gallery on Fur Affinity, where you can find and request different kinds of pieces, including mature content.

You can find it here:…

So, I hope we can do friendly business, and I thank you for the support!

And thanks a lot for the opportunities, and for all the Kindness.

I'll put all my efforts to honor your support!

What can you Request? How Much?

LineArt Commission: Starts at $50 USD (Just the lineart. And a one-color flat filling, if desired)
Draenei Sketch Test by StriderDen Khrainos Commission by StriderDen

Simple FLAT Colors Character: Starts at $60 USD (The colored character, with the lineart appearing, and very simple coloring)
No examples yet

Complex RENDERED Colors Character: Starts at $70 USD (The Full colored character, without the lineart appearing and complex shading/rendering technique. A very simple background may be included. The character complexity also interferes on the price)
DragonKin Commission by StriderDen Devias Shadesong Commission by StriderDen

Very Complex Commissions: Send me a note with the information so a fair price quote can be provided.
Daughter of Deceiver Commission by StriderDen Hermedhie Andel Commission by StriderDen Raedon's Cityscape Commission by StriderDen Son of Divine, Daughter of Deceiver by StriderDen

Value Increments: What makes the price of the commission rise?
1) Character complexity - Extra limbs, wings, scales, feather, etc.
2) Clothing/Armor complexity
3) Extra characters (about 1/2 of the value)
4) Complex Background (depends on how much of the drawing is background)
5) Extra Reviewing - Every customer can claim up to THREE extra reviews, and other modifications beyond that will be have a +$10 charge. (Mistakes made by me, like some detail that was mentioned but I forgot, won't count as a review)

1) I'll receive the note, with the description;
2) A reply with the price quote (and other tems if necessary) will be sent;
3) If all is agreed, the requester will added to the queue;
4) A sketch review will be sent;
5) Payment happens here;
6) Lineart and Color reviews will be sent;
7) Final approval;
8) High Quality files Delivery.

The "Wing it" discount.
If the person pick up this service, I'll receive the description and references of the Character(s) you want me to do, but it will be all up to me to decide the kind of pose and detailing will be done on the commission. If you choose this, a -$10 USD discount will be received.
(Bear in mind that if you want this, you'll have NO right to reviews.)

Thanks for the Support Folks!
I'm glad to share this with you!

Commissions Status:

Commission list and Status can be found here:…

Status: Open For Work
Aproximate Waiting Time (For the last on the list): 3 to 4 Weeks

Thanks for the Support Folks!
I'm glad to share this with you!

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