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e14. You rushed as fast as your bad leg allowed, and in less than one day you reached the village, called Riverside Village. It's small, about 20 families, calm and there are no guards. You're exhausted, with nearly no money or supplies. 

3 deviants said I'll go to the local authority, which is an old steward, a request a meeting with him to explain the bandit issue.
No deviants said I'll scream by the streets something like "The bandits are coming".
No deviants said I'll go to the local inn and spread the rumors of bandits through the innkeeper.
No deviants said I'll try to go person to person warning them to be careful, as there are bandits on the road.
No deviants said This village is defenseless and probably doomed. I'll take some water on the well and carry on to the next larger city.
No deviants said This village is hopeless. I'll try to pickpocket and steal some goods before the bandits come and they're all dead.
No deviants said I'll forget about the issue for a while and look for a temporary job, I have no money and no supplies.
No deviants said I'll set camp around the village and watch things closely.
No deviants said I'll beg around for some coins and food.

Poll Adventure Log! (Newer to Older)

e13. You didn't need to get close enough to hear them. They are loud, drunk, and definetely lowlife brigands, armed with short swords and wearing some crude leather pieces. They have no plans and are just drunk talking.
- I'll rush overnight and day, straight to the village, and warn the locals, maybe the authorities.
e12. To the Fisher Village! The weather was gentle, you barely needed a campfire by night. By the third afternoon you hear voices from a glade nearby. Three men dressed in fur and leather, drinking and laughing.
- I'll try to sneak and get as close as possible, and hear what they're talking about.
e11. After a week taking on chores, you feel like you debt was paid. Gaius still provides you some gear. A backpack, a simple bedroll, a waterskin, a woodaxe, a walking stick and some dry food for 5 days. You're good to go.
- I'll go to the nearest village (where Gaius bought the antidote). It's a small fisher village, it would take 4,5 days to reach it. Easy road following the river side.
e10. Three days go by slowly and silently, but Gaius was back with a flask. As it took too long to neutralize the poison, it scorched the nerves of your foot, it will be difficult to keep balance. You'll need a walking stick forever.
- I'm thankful, and would like to pay with labor for some days before leaving, afterall the antidote wasn't for free.
e09. He agrees to let you stay, and that's the bad news. You will probably have to stay for a while. The tourniquet saved you from death, but the wound is getting worse.
- Ask Gaius to go to the nearest village and ask for an antidote. It would take around 3 days go to there and back, you'd have to survive on dry food, alone.
e08. After a while, a bald, bearded, middle-age man gets in. He presents himself as Gaius, and explains he's a hermit, and followed your scream to find you.
- He looks kind, I'll ask if I can humbly stay until I get better.
e07. You struggle, but after a few steps you black out. Slowly, you wake-up on a straw bed. Simple shack, still in the forest. Nobody around, your leg looks awful.
- I will paciently wait for someone to show up. There's water on the end table, it seems someone was taking care of you.
e06. As you come closer, the snake detects you swiftly. It positions in a way you can't aim properly and as you fail to smash it's head, it bites your leg. You scream, as the serpent goes away. You can't stand-up due to the pain, your vision blurs.
- I rip the sleeve of my clothes and make a tourniquet around the biten leg.
e05. Takes you a couple of hours, but you find a small stream. As you refresh yourself with your hands, you spot a big snake a few meters from you. It seems it didn't find you yet.
- Meat is meat. I'll try to get a larger rock, get close enough and smash it's head.
e04. The best you could find was a crack on a pile of boulders. Enough to block the night wind, and luckly no spiders or snakes. A cold morning comes, hunger and a bit of thist starts to settle.
- I try to find a stream or some similar water source.
e03. Now, a couple of hours before sun sets. Mist starts to roll down the hills, looks like it will be a cold night. You're peckish as well.
- I try to look for shelter, like a grotto or something to spend the night.
e02. As you try to stand up, you see something sparkling close to you. It's a silverly metal amulet, with some sort of runes engraved on it.
- I put it on my pocket, may be useful to trade it later.
e01. You wake up on a totally unfamiliar pine forest. No memories about yourself. You look at yourself, and you realize you are:
- A tall, strong female human, blonde, braided hair, wearing some sort of merchant clothes.

Your future Expectations! - III - 2017

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 3:30 AM

Future Expectations!

Hello Folks!
2017 is coming way too fast, right?
February came on the blink of an eye!

So, I'm always curious to know a bit more about yourself, and like most of the months, I have a short question for those who like to share and trade parts of their own.

What things would make you very very disapointed, if you didn't see happening in your lifetime? Personal or not, that you would do your own, or not?
Name one small thing, and one rather large thing!

For me, as the small thing: I'd be very sad if I wasn't able to climb beyond 8b (that's a climbing difficulty degree, for those not familiar) out of my country, before I'm too old for that.
And as large thing: I have larger wild dreams, but society-wise I'd be sattisfied if we achieve global Basic-Income before I die.

What about you?


Commissions Open!

For those who are not aware, I'm always open for commissions!
So, hurry up and grab yours!
I know everyone likes the Heavily colored Tiers, but there are possibilities for every sort of budget, and they are (modestly) all very good!

Other than that, I'm open for donations and tips as well, those are appreciated! :)

Many many thanks, people!

Check out my other galleries!

Sometimes, the gallery you found me is not the gallery you check out the most!
So, for your own comfort and amusement, look for me in those other accounts!







Also, If there are other Art networks that you feel worth being part of, I'm always open for suggestions!

Commission Information:

My name is Den, and as you can see, my Job is to materialize your ideas through visual Artworks.
If I didn't have to eat and pay bills, I'd gladly contribute to some cool projects for free, but as it's not the case yet, I have to charge for those.

If you're interested on Commissions from me, here are basically what you'll need to know!

  • Listening to: Don't want to talk about it
  • Reading: Rules
  • Watching: 3%
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Drinking: Coffee



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"The opposite of Slave labor is not Wage labor. It's Emancipated labor."


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